This web page contains the names of classmates for whom the reunion committee has no information at all.  These folks are not known to be alive or deceased. Those who view this page and have any information on the classmates listed, please contact Loulie Kent,, Margie James Perna,, or Judi Fowler Quagliaroli,, and pass on the information.

All of our classmates are currently accounted for.  If any disappear in the future, their names will be listed here.  This will occur only if they are not rediscovered quickly by our team of professional Gumshoes.

Updated On 2 October, 2010

The Sleuth
The Sleuth

Additional Detective Work

The Class of 1958 has asked for our help in tracking down missing classmates.  If you have any information on the whereabouts or status of the following individuals, please contact Steve Schmal at

  1. Duane Cole
  2. Albert Ellis
  3. Bill Ellsworth
  4. Arlene Johnson
  5. Denise Lecoq
  6. Jack Macbeth
  7. Remi Moore (Josephine Thomas during High School)