In this section, we have
gathered all the resources
that you will need to travel
to and stay in Ithaca for
our 55th class reunion. 

Airport, Airline & Auto Rental Information:

For those flying to Ithaca, we have offered a choice of three airports.  Each one has some different airlines and different flight origination points.

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Restaurant Information:

The restaurant recommendations are those we received in collaboration with local Epicurean critics, classmates Frank Flannery and Linda Klein Hirvonen, from other submissions, folks we paid or from individuals we don't even know.  By no means do they carry the ABS stamp of approval (Art & Bob Smith). It does not mean that there aren't more restaurants equal to or better then those mentioned here in. 

We do however remind all your travelers that as you are driving around this GORGES city, there are a host of eateries located in the Triphammer Mall area, the State Street Commons area, and the Elmira Road area.  So, if you need additional suggestions consider those locations.

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Site Seeing Information:

For those who are planning a longer stay in Ithaca, either before the reunion or after, we have gathered a list of suggested things to see and do. 

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Additional suggestions can be found by visiting here.....

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