This page contains current information on the IHS Class of 1961.  Now that our 55th reunion has been held, classmates can use this web page to post informative stories and information to communicate with the other members of the class.  To post, just click the left mouse button on "User Login" and follow the directions for entering the same Username and Password you defined when you posted your information and pictures on the Classmates Directory webpage.  Once you are logged in, select the subject of interest.  If you want to add information, click on "start a new topic" and fill in the field displayed.  If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Earl Buckingham at

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Bad Storms
Does anybody remember when hurricane Hazel hit Ithaca? It was not very pleasent and caused a lot of damage. It took down all those big trees along state street and flooded a lot of homes and...
Last Post: Aug 31st 2010
Author: sharonhixon
# of posts: 1
Halloween Adventures!
Remember when we used to go into the cemeteries on Halloween and scare ourselves half to death???
Last Post: Dec 5th 2009
Author: missjudy43
# of posts: 2
Senior Banquet
Does everyone remember Senior Banquet?
Last Post: Aug 19th 2009
Author: jldavid3
# of posts: 2