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Post 55th Reunion Newser #1
March 15, 2017

We have finally officially designated our gift to the high school. You may remember that a representative from IPEA spoke to the 55th reunion participants. Our class has now donated $1500 to that organization which provides enrichment to students in the Ithaca public schools. Classmate Sue Ideman Hamilton suggested the group. Check it out at

IPEI is a non-profit organization that partners with the community and provides special grants and awards for teachers and students to allow them to follow these enrichment paths. In 2014-15 they awarded 82 grants totaling $93,319. Our gift will help fund three projects: An Exploration of Medieval Treasures and the role of the hero
Lauren McKown Mellander/IHS

In connection to their study of Beowulf students will look at relics from the Early and High Middle Ages (art and illuminated manuscripts) from Cornell’s Johnson Museum of Art and Kroch Library.
Students will explore the art and relics of WWI at the Johnson Museum of Art in connection to their reading of A Farewell to Arms.

Ithaca High School Band 100th Anniversary Commission Project
Nicki Zawel/IHS
In honor of 100 years of musical excellence, the Ithaca High School Band celebrates their centennial year with a commissioned composition written expressly for them by internationally renowned composer, Michael Markowski.
Changing graphs and shapes from 2D paper into 3D space in Geometry and Calculus classes
Gauri Kolhatkar and David Pepe/IHS
We will use 3D pens in Geometry and Calculus classes to give an opportunity to our students to change figures from 2D paper into 3D objects to enhance their learning of abstract math concepts.
Many thanks to Sue and Linda Klein Hirvonen for working to find good uses for our class gift. We did not want our funds to go into a general fund which might sit unused.

We recently heard from the sister of our classmate, Bill L. Sullivan, who died in Vietnam on July 4th 1970. Lou Sullivan Cala had connected with the sister of one of Bill’s platoon mates and through her learned about the circumstances of Bill’s death. Here in a six minute video is Nancy Nersessian’s poignant story.

We know that many of you remember Bill and will be moved by the story. It is a reminder that the wounds of war last long after the fighting stops.

By now you may have heard that the online Ithaca High Alumni site ( is closing soon. We have been asked to let classmates know. As an alternative, the group has started a Face Book group, which you are cordially invited to join.

Sandy True writes: "while this website has been connecting IHS alums for over 10 years, the time has come for a change. To promote member participation and reduce cost/admin. workload, we're asking all members to join our new facebook group” which can be reached at:

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