Early Years, Page 4

This Web Page is a continuation of the collections of IHS Class of 1961 topics related to the early years growing up in the 1950's in Ithaca.  If you have information such as early class photographs that you would like to see posted on this web page instead of in the Photo Albums, just e-mail me at earlbuck@twcny.rr.com with the information as an attachment or as a link to a website.

Elementary School (Continued)

Mrs. Buzzell's 6th Grade Class, West Hill School, June 21, 1955
Mrs. Buzzell's 6th Grade Class, West Hill School, June 21, 1955

1st Row, L/R:  Chris Pease, Sandy DeBell, Linda Apgar, Gail Brown, Faye Fowler, Sharon Cornelius, Paul Kimple, Pete Houghton, Charlie Howard, Dave Srnka, Dick Srnka
2nd Row, L/R:  Sonja Tagliavento, Kathy Graves, Dixie Lotito, Connie Cummings, Nancy Falke, Beverly Love, Dave Corson, Ray Mayo, Gary McKaig, Frank Sears, Kaye Dearstyne
3rd Row, L/R:  George Kent, Jim Demotte, Ken Karcher, Sue Parsons, Liz Burton, Judy Shapley, Janice Sears, Bill Grover, Stewart Palmer
4th Row, L/R:  Mrs. Ann Buzzell (Classroom Teacher) and Mrs. Marjorie Smith (School Principal)

Miss Kanalley's 6th Grade Class at West Hill School, 1955
Miss Kanalley's 6th Grade Class at West Hill School, 1955

1st Row L/R: Mary E. Teeter, Janie Kellogg, Sheila S. Asher,  Elizabeth Tobey Hiller, Joanne Westfall, Beth Brann, Grace Lotito, Ricky Mott, Dan Nobles, Ricky Koski, Philip Wahl, Herbert Hall, Alan Brown
2nd Row L/R: Robin Knuutila, Jerry Morgan, James Free, Dick Page, Leon Catlin, Susan Carol Foote, Janet O'Brien, Virginia Iacovelli, Judy Tagliavento, Minnie Robertson, Randa Becker, Evelyn Krebs
3rd Row L/R: Eleanor Norton, Patty Baker, Norma Vande Bogart, Judy Gere, Susan Harper, Ricky Gravelding, Paul Wrisley, John Tuthill, Warren Vrooman
4th Row L/R: Mrs. Margaret Kanalley, 6th Grade Teacher, Marjorie C. Smith, Principal

Junior High School
8th Grade Graduation at Immaculate Conception 1957
8th Grade Graduation at Immaculate Conception 1957

1st Row, L/R:  Father Vogt, Elisa DeChellis, Eileen Korb, Monsignor Byrne, Father Zimmer, Carmella Mignano, Judy Elmo, Father ?
2nd Row, L/R:  Mike Wimsatt, Mike Robinson, Jim Ideman, John Leja, Bill Smith, Tom Hagin, Mike McCarthy, Gerald Brophy, Jim Meiczinger
3rd Row, L/R:  Jolene DeLaurentis, Sue Ideman, Marty Maxson, Anne Cornelius, June Solomon, Anne Shearing, Barb Ferrell, Diane Driscoll
4th Row, L/R:  Francis Hull, Frank Prudence, Tommy Fauls, Ed Shippos, John Stahl, Terry Scott, King Wing
5th Row, L/R:  Carol Conahan, Sue Hastings, Pat Androsko, Karen Kish, Eleanor Hewitt, Ann Sheehan, Jean Marie Updyke, Rosie Sheehan
6th Row, L/R:  Steve Gilbert, Fluffy Saccucci, John Smith, George Taber, Tom Yengo, Claude Colleyacme, Dave Moore